Stay in this riverside resort in Manali for a memorable vacation 

Manali is a stunning hill station that remains one of the best options among travelers. Tucked inside the fantastic Himalayan range, Manali is a paradise for travelers in Northern India where adventure sports, pristine nature, and sightseeing are found in abundance. Manali has something for every sort of traveler, whether its a solo visitor or with family. Hence, you will not regret the choice of spending your vacation in Manali! 

How to find proper accommodation for your stay?

Finding proper accommodation is essential for an unforgettable holiday. Thankfully, you can find exotic inns, resorts, and Manali five-star hotels to choose during your stay at the hill station. Staying in a hotel is the right choice, while you want to explore each inch of Manali on the trip. 

For those wanting a relaxing and blissful holiday, however, the resorts in Manali are better choices. The resorts have modern amenities and facilities to spend time with family, revive health, and worn spirit. These luxury accommodations in Manali with an all-inclusive package is an excellent choice for someone wishing for complete rest and a great time with family or friends. 

Why are resorts an excellent choice than hotels?

Hotels are only for accommodation and food to guests during holiday, whereas resorts offer complete facilities required on holiday. The luxury resorts in Manali have premium rooms and suites, restaurants, fitness centers, sports zones, and musical nights for recreation of guests during the stay. In other words, resorts are a sanctuary that provides everything needed by a traveler in a distant place. Further, there can be absolute privacy, peace, and solitude, which are essential for complete rejuvenation going on a holiday. 

Stay in this riverside resort in Manali for a holiday. 

A majority of luxurious hotels are found adjoining to the Beas River or hilltop far away from the city's existence in the Kullu Manali region. The famous riverside resort in Manali is Span Resort and Spa, which has won awards in providing luxury amenities and hospitality services to travelers.

Located adjacent to the Beas River, Span Resorts has the perfect blend of serenity, comfort, and luxury for travelers on holiday. Stay in this resort to make your vacation in Manali an exciting experience with matchless pampering and comfort services. The gushing sound of the river, luxury facilities, and snow-capped mountains provide a perfect environment that one needs for complete relaxation on holiday. The resort has become an ultimate choice for elite travelers, ranging from celebrities, VIPs, and other creamy layers of society.  

Despite its presence away from city existence, the resort has the entirety to make a holiday comfortable and delightful for visitors. Suitable facilities for couples, honeymooners, and families are available in this hotel. Many amenities and facilities make Span Resorts one of the Manali best resorts for elite travelers.  

Want to make your Manali excursion an unforgettable experience?

Stay in Span Resort and Spa to experience luxury and pampering service throughout your Manali trip. Contact them to book your room now. 


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