5 reasons to spend your next holiday in a resort in Manali 

When there is a word ‘resort and spa’ comes, everyone attaches it as a haven for relaxation. True to your imagination, a resort is a place that can offer a soothing escape from noisy urban life. That is why most of the travelers are choosing to stay in resorts on holiday.

So, you are going on a trip to Manali. But, you aren’t convinced yet why you should select resorts over hotels in next holiday. In that case, let us look at what the best resort in Manali offers to every guest and how it can enhance your enjoyment on holiday.

1. Provides a perfect atmosphere to unwind and heal 

Most of the resorts are built on strategic locations near to the beautiful landscapes. It may be a river, lake, and lush green forest for travelers to get a glimpse of scenic beauty through the window. A perfect setting to rest your weary mind and revive your health.

Most of the luxury resorts in Manali offer a perfect atmosphere to unwind, relax and enjoy to your heart content. The guest can enjoy solitude and practice mindfulness talking to oneself to make your next move in life and business.

2. Get pampered with excellent hospitality services. 

Make your holiday even more memorable, enjoying luxurious service and comfort. The excellent hospitality service won’t be less than a pamper. There will be 24/7 room service from qualified staff to take care of your needs inside the resort. So, you can sit back and relax like never.

3. Affordable packages 

Despite the luxury services they offer, the resort and spa aren’t only for the super-rich. Take advantage of affordable rates of resorts to enjoy finer things in life. Get some saving, and you are good to go for an exclusive holiday for relaxation and enjoyment.

4. Hub for modern facilities and activities

There won’t be a dull moment for you as modern facilities, activities, and attraction are present inside the area. Sports and fitness center are an integral part of the facility. You can play indoor games to adventure sports in the compound with friends. Further, there will be bars serving world-class wine, lively musical nights, and other entertainment facilities for guest. Everything is found at a close distance from your suite.

5. Delicious local and international cuisines 

Good news for culinary lovers as resorts offers exquisite and delicious foods. Your plate will have international and local cuisines for the delight of your taste buds. To provide an unforgettable dining experience, resorts keep famous chefs to cook excellent foods for guest.

I think you have found what you have missed choosing a hotel over a resort. So, are you ready to indulge in luxury experience and comfort on your Manali trip?

If yes, book your stay from Span Resorts and Spa. It is the best Riverside Resort in Manali for a premium experience on holiday. Established in the riverside of the Beas River, the resort offers a perfect place to enjoy and revive your health on holiday. Contact them to book a suite now.


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