The best five-star hotel in Manali for luxury experiences

Are you planning a trip to Manali? 

If yes, you might be choosing the top tourist attractions and activities to perform in the holiday. Besides you might be searching for good hotels in Manali for food and lodging in the vacation. Most of the elite travelers prefer to stay in luxury hotels located in the hill station. I won’t be surprised if you too would choose one of the elite hotels for your stay.

Stay in a luxury hotel in Manali. 

Taking a break from office and business means to enjoy leisure time on vacation. Nothing is wrong with enjoying finer things in life. Treat yourself choosing to stay at a five-star hotel in Manali to enjoy luxurious things on holiday. The elite hotel maintains an excellent hospitality service with foods and recreational activities. Indulging in the premium services would help to heal mentally and physically in the trip. Further, vacation is meant to revive health and enjoyment indulging in luxury things alone or with friends and family.

What sets a five-star hotel apart from ordinary ones?

The elite five-star hotel offers exceptional customer care, luxury bedding, and deep healing going to the spa. The 24-hour room service will provide an enjoyable stay filled with relaxation and leisure activities. Most importantly, it will leave you refreshed and alive at the end of your visit. All these amenities are not available in an ordinary hotel. This is an essential aspect of making your holiday unique and memorable.

Why is Span Resort an ideal choice for you?

The Span Resort is the best five-star hotel in Manali in the luxury category, situated on the riverside of Beas. As a member of “healing hotels of the world and winner of 2017 world luxury hotel awards,” this hotel has proved its worth in the luxury hotel industry.

Made on a sprawling 10-acre land, it offers a perfect ambiance for healing and recreational activities to guests. The hotel has everything necessary for a fantastic holiday without a need to go outside. There are unmatched modern facilities for tourists, from luxury cottages, indoor activities, bar, to the health center for an exceptional stay. That is why Bollywood celebrities and elite customers from India and foreign countries stay here during the Manali trip.

Want to make your Manali trip rejuvenating and memorable?

Book a luxury room in this five-star hotel to make your stay memorable. Book your room now. 


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